Leirum Ragdolls

The first breeder of ragdolls to win Overall Best Cat with FIFe UK


 The first breeder of Ragdolls to have won the most prestigious award of the year within FIFe FB UK of OVERALL BEST CAT  I also own the first Chocolate Ragdoll in the UK to win REGIONAL and INTERNATIONAL AWARDS with Tica UK                                       

My name is Shirley Watkinson and I live in Dorset. As a child I lived in the Dorset countryside with my parents and brother, surrounded by all kinds of animals. Our family bred goats, poodles and dachunds. We reared chicken and ducks, kept a pony and a donkey and had numerous cats, all colours and of no particular breed


In 1998 now married with two grown-up sons, I seen a photo of a Ragdoll in a magazine. From that day on I was partly hooked. In December 2000  I attended the Supreme Cat Show held in London and thats when I really fell in love with the Ragdoll.

Following this Show I read many books on cats and searched many websites, before I was given my first Ragdoll kitten Cheynee, a wonderful gift from my husband. 

I then realised what other breeders had said on their websites was true. ONE RAGDOLL IS NEVER ENOUGH,  so Cheynee was followed by Sophie and Benjy and so my Ragdoll family have continued to grow.

Leirum my Prefix is Muriel spelt backwards a memory to my dear mother who died in 2003 (photo above)

I am totally devoted to the Ragdoll breed I do not go out to work so can spend most of my day tending to their every need, they are a very important part of my life my beloved pets first and foremost. Showing and a small amount of breeding of these wonderful cats has become an enjoyable way of life/hobby.

I am the Chair of Breeding Health and Welfare within Felis Britanica (FIFe UK)

My cats /kittens are either registered with Felis Britanica (FIFe UK) 'The Federation International Feline' which are considered the largest United Nations of Cat Federations in the World representing over 40 Countries, that have all chosen to follow the same rules creating an International reputation.

And/Or with the Governing Council of Cat Fancy (GCCF) This is the Primary Governing body of the Cat Fancy within the UK.

And/Or  The International Cat Association (TICA) the worlds largest genetic registry of pedigree cats 

I am a listed breeder/member within the following Cat Clubs:-

The British Ragdoll Cat Club

Progressive Ragdoll Breeders Cat Club 

Viking FB FIFe UK